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Money Making Sense host Heather Kelly doesn’t like to use dirty words like "budget" and "frugal." Instead, she focuses on how to find financial peace by better allocating your paychecks and analyzing the impact of simple family decisions. Each episode approaches the topic of personal finance from both a cost-savings and revenue-generating perspective. Covered topics include: vacationing on a budget, accumulating retirement savings on a limited income, optimizing your 401k and insurance plans, reducing household expenses, the financial impact of owning a pet, maximizing value when de-cluttering and selling personal property. Money Making Sense will give you practical ideas on how to improve your bottom line. Money Making Sense is a 2017 Podcast Awards Nominee.
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Oct 30, 2017

The period from October 31st to December 31st is the busiest shopping time of year.  And if we aren't careful, we can easily overspend our allocated shopping dollars and go into debt.

Clint Peterson of Eide Bailly has great advice on how to keep spending under control and stay out of bankruptcy court due to gifts and parties.

Oct 26, 2017

In a bonus episode about diversity with Dr. Marco Barker, the Associate Vice President and Chief Diversity officer at Westminster College, we find out how staffing a bomb shelter is related to how we choose to interact with and hire at work.

Dr. Barker explains how the 'Four Frames' of business (Symbolic, Structural, Human Resources, and Political) affect whom we hire.  And, if you understand these four frames, you can change how you perceive those whom are different from ourselves.



Oct 25, 2017

Not having diversity in the workplace can affect your bottom line.  Are you hearing from the voice you are selling to?  The Chief Diversity Officer and Associate Vice President at Westminster College, Dr. Marco Barker, explains how to rethink the homogeneous company in favor of different colors, religions, sexes, and disabilities.

But, we also discuss the importance of having individuals from various backgrounds to interact with on a personal level.  How does the  Christian man working in a mainly all white, male workforce benefit from having women, Muslims, and/or Veterans as his co-workers.  Find out in this episode of Money Making Sense.

Oct 18, 2017

The owner of The Artist Evolution marketing agency says 'Don't buy a duck' to succeed in business.  CEO Derek Champagne takes us through the steps to brand your business.

Whether you sell candles out of your basement or are a multi-million dollar company, these tips will help you launch your product to the right demographic.  And execute a marketing plan.

And if you can't get to Derek in person, his book 'Don't Buy a Duck' will help you save money as you become an entrepreneur.

You can also get an entire course of marketing materials, some for free, at  So, if you aren't afraid to fail, or to succeed, and are ready to make the leap as a business owner, this is the episode for you.

Oct 4, 2017

This week we revisit the subject of DIY versus hiring a contractor.  The host of DIY Network's 'Man Caves,' Jason Cameron, joins Heather Kelly to discuss when hiring a professional is actually cheaper than doing it yourself.  

(The picture on this episode cover will explain a lot).

Find out the best way to learn how to tile, what R-value means and what type of products you can use if you are worried about off-gassing.

Hopefully you get inspired to try some projects on your own.  But, also get a sense of when it will save you money to hire a professional.