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Money Making Sense host Heather Kelly doesn’t like to use dirty words like "budget" and "frugal." Instead, she focuses on how to find financial peace by better allocating your paychecks and analyzing the impact of simple family decisions. Each episode approaches the topic of personal finance from both a cost-savings and revenue-generating perspective. Covered topics include: vacationing on a budget, accumulating retirement savings on a limited income, optimizing your 401k and insurance plans, reducing household expenses, the financial impact of owning a pet, maximizing value when de-cluttering and selling personal property. Money Making Sense will give you practical ideas on how to improve your bottom line. Money Making Sense is a 2017 Podcast Awards Nominee.
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Sep 27, 2017

Do you know how to get through unexpected life-events?  Deseret News Business Reporter Jasen Lee joins host Heather Kelly for a talk about how even the best savers can face money problems.

Jasen says learning at a young age, when you get your first job, to save a portion of you paycheck is the best way to form good financial habits.  And find out what he says was the best advice he ever got.

Jasen is a fellow podcaster of the show 'Voices of Reason.'  You can listen to his show with co-host Amy Donaldson here:

And read his business articles at

Sep 22, 2017

The dark net is where criminals go to conduct illegal activities.  But how does it work?  And should law abiding citizens be concerned about the underbelly of the internet?

Host Heather Kelly goes in-depth with guest the Director of Information Security Services at Tanner, LLC, John Pohlman, to get some answers.

Find out why crypto-currencies are the commodity of choice for website criminals, why companies never say they are 'hack proof' and if your nanny cam is at risk from hackers.

Sep 20, 2017

Host Heather Kelly asks listeners 'What's your problem?'  If you are dealing with an issue with which you need help, or don't know where to look, send her a message on Facebook.

If she doesn't know the answer from her experiences as a Hospital Director or with her degree in Management and as a Certified Bookkeeper, she'll find the expert to help you.

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Sep 13, 2017

A major credit reporting agency was hacked this year.  And 143-million people could be impacted.  Now is the time to be pro-active and make sure your aren't victim to identity theft.  

Equifax is giving EVERY Consumer access to FREE identity theft protection and credit file monitoring for ONE YEAR.  But, the fine print says they will start charging at the end of that year.  If you sign up for this service, set a reminder on your calendar to cancel at the end of the 1st year.

Utah's Governor is also giving help to those who may be affected by this Equifax hack at  And you can contact the FBI if you know you've been the victim of Identity Theft through their website

You can also send any questions you have to me via my facebook page, and if I can't answer it myself, I will find the right expert who can.

Sep 6, 2017

We have wellness gurus, sports trainers, and dieticians to help us achieve our goals.  Do you need a 'Debt Coach?'Anthony Hernandez, a Debt Analysis specialist, has the info you need to get "Financially Fit."

Knowing how to focus your extra money toward paying off credit cards, auto loans, or any other type of bill is key to becoming debt free.  It's called the Snowball effect, described and used by many financial gurus.

Once your debt is paid off, you need to have skills to start building your wealth or saving towards retirement or becoming a World Champion Ballroom dancer.  It's easy to slide into bad habits and be crushed by debt AGAIN if you don't have the right tools.