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Money Making Sense host Heather Kelly doesn’t like to use dirty words like "budget" and "frugal." Instead, she focuses on how to find financial peace by better allocating your paychecks and analyzing the impact of simple family decisions. Each episode approaches the topic of personal finance from both a cost-savings and revenue-generating perspective. Covered topics include: vacationing on a budget, accumulating retirement savings on a limited income, optimizing your 401k and insurance plans, reducing household expenses, the financial impact of owning a pet, maximizing value when de-cluttering and selling personal property. Money Making Sense will give you practical ideas on how to improve your bottom line. Money Making Sense is a 2017 Podcast Awards Nominee.
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Oct 26, 2016

Jeff Johnson cast all three 'High School Musical' movies, 'The World's Fastest Indian' and many others.  He joins host Heather Kelly to discuss what's involved getting a part in the movies in Utah.  

Head shots, acting classes, agency fees -- it all adds up.  And how do you know if a Talent Agency is legit?  Can you earn a living acting in Utah vs Hollywood?  Will my child be the next Meryl Streep?

Oct 19, 2016

 How do you stop the adrenaline flowing when one person spends too much money and the other won't spend anything at all?  Relationship expert Dr Matt Townsend explains how people can talk about money without fleeing or fighting.  

Do you have Safety, Trust, Appreciation, Respect, Validation, Encouragement, and Dedication in your relationship?  If not, the fights over money will escalate.  AND, discover why your arguments aren't actually about the money.


Oct 12, 2016

Are you a spender and your partner is a saver?  Are all your fights about how to spend or save money? Clinical Psychologist Dr. Valerie Hale discusses how to keep from getting to the divorce stage of a relationship because of money problems.  

Dr. Hale also gives parents tips on how to start the conversation of money with kids, and make it fun.  It's  much less intimidating to create a game and learn how to spend, save, and give to charities when children are involved.

At what stage in the dating game should you bring up how you deal with money with a potential mate?  All these questions and more covered in this show.

Oct 5, 2016

Bargain shopper Holly Bearclough has everything you need to know about where to get great looking clothes and not break the bank.  She knows where to find a brand new blazer for $20.  And, you can make money selling your old clothes to use for a spending fund  Look for stores going out of business, use coupons and mobile apps  And if you have no budget at all, try clothing swaps.