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Money Making Sense host Heather Kelly doesn’t like to use dirty words like "budget" and "frugal." Instead, she focuses on how to find financial peace by better allocating your paychecks and analyzing the impact of simple family decisions. Each episode approaches the topic of personal finance from both a cost-savings and revenue-generating perspective. Covered topics include: vacationing on a budget, accumulating retirement savings on a limited income, optimizing your 401k and insurance plans, reducing household expenses, the financial impact of owning a pet, maximizing value when de-cluttering and selling personal property. Money Making Sense will give you practical ideas on how to improve your bottom line. Money Making Sense is a 2017 Podcast Awards Nominee.
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Sep 30, 2016

We are talking college football from University of Utah & BYU; basketball - Utah JAZZ, and soccer in Utah with host of KSL News Radio's Cougar Sports Saturday, Alex Kirry.  Alex also has visited games at University of Texas, Dallas Cowboys & Seattle Seahawks.  How much do tickets costs?  Will you save money as a season ticket holder?  What if your favorite team makes it to a playoff or bowl game?  And don't forget about the best part... tail gating.


Sep 28, 2016

Host Heather Kelly talks recreation with Tim Hughes, host of KSL Outdoors Radio.  They discuss the many activities you can enjoy in the fresh air throughout the state of Utah.

If it's your first time exploring camping, fishing, hiking, biking, 4-wheeling, skiing, etc, you'll want to find out the less expensive options to getting out there.  But, you can shell out lots of money if you go 'whole hog.'


Sep 21, 2016

If Wall Street confuses you, this is the show to pay attention to.  Host Heather Kelly sits down with Fox Business Anchor Adam Shapiro to make sense of how Wall Street affects your money.  

They discus what happened to the Gold Standard and if it's good or bad the U.S. Dollar is no longer tied to silver and gold.  Then they cover whether you should panic every time the Federal Reserve makes an announcement abaout interest rates.  And find out whom Adam follows as his financial guru.


Sep 14, 2016

You will know if you're child is inclined to be a saver or a spender by the age of 7.... and you don't have to give them money to find out.  Financial Literacy Manager of Zion's Bank, Don Milne, gives advice on how to talk to your kids about money.  And it can be fun.  

The age to start the conversation with your kids may surprise you.  Don and host Heather Kelly discuss giving children the skills they need as adults to save, spend wisely and give.


Sep 7, 2016

Keeping your car in tip-top shape can save hundreds of dollars each year.  Triple A spokesperson Rolayne Fairclough joins host Heather Kelly to discuss great tips on saving money.

  Just because you're spending money on a trip, doesn't mean you have to be fleeced; why planning meals and hotel stops ahead of time saves money.  And what to do if your car breaks down in the middle of no-where.